LASH LIFT | enhance the look of your natural lashes

The Lash Lift, AKA eyelash curling or perming is in essence the same treatment that creates the look made popular in the 80’s for the hair on top of your head, just a miniature version. The result? Your own lashes made to look longer and fuller by enhancing the curl, framing and opening your eyes and giving a subtle doe eyed look.

Lash Lift

Synthetic eyelash extensions look amazing and are one of our most popular treatments at The Beauty Room, however they also need to be looked after to some degree to get longevity from each refill, take longer in the salon to apply and are more expensive. The Lash Lift treatment takes around 45 – 60 minutes to complete and generally lasts around 6 weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle, with the look diminishing slowly over time as your lashes shed. Adding mascara can give a look with a length and curl similar to a set of extensions, although without make up they’ll still give your eyes that extra pop 24/7. At The Beauty Room every Lash Lift treatment includes lash tinting.

Prior to treatment it is best to ensure all make up around the eyes has been removed, your therapist will ensure this is the case regardless, and will also use a saline solution on the lashes to ensure adhesion to the curling rollers is not affected by the bodies natural oils. Contacts should also be removed at this point if you wear them, your eyes will be closed for the majority of the treatment. The rollers used to curl the lashes come in various sizes, with the length of the natural lash dictating the choice of roller. Your therapist will generally take care of this as a long lash curled with a small roller can result in over curling, the same as a shorter lash with a large roller can result in a weak curl. Once the rollers are applied and the therapist ensures the lashes are straight and in the correct position, the perming solution will be carefully applied and the lashes wrapped in a clear plastic film for a time based on your eyelash structure and thickness. Generally this is between 15 and 25 minutes. Once the perming solution is removed the process is repeated with a neutralising solution, although this step takes slightly less time. The solution and the rollers are then removed, your lashes are tinted and BANG! you’re left with larger looking eyes and lashes with that beautiful curl!

For extra nourishment and to protect the lashes during the treatment our perming solution is strengthened with the structural protein collagen, and the amino acid cysteine, proven to contribute to hair development.

For any queries in regard to the procedure, or to arrange a free consultation or book a treatment contact me in the salon on 0448 160 702.

Jess 🙂

NB: This treatment should only ever be done by a fully qualified beautician trained in the procedure. Our lashes, eyes and the skin surrounding the area are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged, not to mention the risk of a substandard or uneven result.

lash perm


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